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The Angela Panther Mystery Series 

Angela Panther isn’t your ordinary amateur women’s sleuth. Angela can see dead people. Everywhere. It took the suburban mother of two quite some time to adjust to her gift but on the upside, she likes having the connection to her dead-but-not-gone mother Fran. The two of them, along with her best friend Mel, have unofficially teamed up with Detective Aaron Banner from a suburban Atlanta police department to solve mysteries—not because Angela is all gung-ho to do so but because the death won’t leave her alone until she helps them.

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                 373_0.400220001454708546_unfinished-business     373_0.987008001428976331_unbreakable-bonds-2     Uncharted Territory Final New Cover

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Uncharted Territory Mystery Novel Reaches #2 On Amazon’s Top Free Kindle Books

unchartedIf I could dance, I’ll post a video of me doing a happy one but I won’t subject you to such horror! Over the weekend we ran a free Bookbub and then Michael Gallagher over at Free Kindle Books & Tips graciously offered to run a promo also for Uncharted Territory An Angela Panther Mystery. Because of those promos, my little paranormal cozy book hit NUMBER TWO on the TOP 100 FREE KINDLE STORE BOOKS ON AMAZON. NUMBER TWO! That’s 2. as in t w o. Can you see how excited I am? I’m super excited. That’s a big deal. We had over 36,000 downloads for that one book! That one free kindle book was downloaded by over 36,000 people in 48 hours!

To everyone that helped make that happen and to everyone who downloaded my little cozy mystery…





Unfinished Business Mystery Book Cover Got a Makeover!

373_0.400220001454708546_unfinished-businessThe Angela Panther Mystery series has had a little makeover. We started with the second and third books and finished with the first book, Unfinished Business.They’re still the same paranormal books about an Italian woman and her (ghost) mother people love, so don’t sweat the changes! Instead of An Angela Panther Novel, they’re now An Angela Panther Mystery! The fonts of the covers have changed so they’re easier to read when you see the teeny little thumbprint photos on Amazon. What do you think? Do you like the new design? I love them!

Unbreakable Bonds An Angela Panther Mystery Now Available on Audio

You can now listen to Unbreakable Bonds while driving to work, doing yard work, working out, or while your husband watches something on TV you’d rather not watch! To download it from Amazon, click here.  Unbreakable Bonds audio cover

Click below to listen to a sample of the audio version!

And don’t forget, if you’d like to listen to Unfinished Business in audio format, you can do that by clicking here.