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Caroline Fardig’s TV Do-Over Blog Hop

When Caroline Fardig, best selling author of It’s Just a Little Crush, asked me to participate in this blog hop, I kind of panicked a little. Okay, maybe a lot. First I had to Google what a blog hop was, and then I had to figure out how to get more than seven followers to my blog to read what I wrote. I was successful at getting the first thing handled, but the second? Not so much.

After I’d given up on trying to find more followers, I realized I had no idea what show to pick. You see, I’m supposed to discuss a TV show and what I’d change about it if I could write it.

It was then that I realized I don’t watch much TV anymore. I need to analyze the reasons why a bit, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because by the time I can watch TV, I’m too flipping tired. With age comes exhaustion, I guess.

I do watch TV, so maybe it’s just because it’s summer and everything I normally watch is in reruns? Maybe it’s because my 16 year old dog gets me up at 4:45 AM every single morning and I can’t go back to sleep so by eight o’clock every night I’m too tired to think straight, let alone concentrate on anything other than a game of Bejeweled Blitz? Whatever the reason, there are a few shows I do watch and one I could easily write for—if they’d make me an offer that is. So let’s talk about that one. It’s one I’ve watched since the early 1980’s. so I am quite confident I have a handle on the show, the characters, the general theme and the feel of the series.



Okay, okay, I know. Soap operas are so 1980’s, but like I said, I’ve been watching it since then. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. I’m a Genera lHospital fan.

The show started in 1963, a few years before I came kicking and screaming into the world. I didn’t start watching until the Luke and Laura years. Why I was fascinated at the love between a rapist and his victim is beyond me. I chalk it up to being in seventh grade and naivety. I wouldn’t change anything about the years I watched back then. They are a wonderful memory and a part of my upbringing, but the General Hospital of late? With that one, I’ve got some ideas. So let’s get this party started.

Those who are Sonny Corinthos fans, you’ve been warned…

Sonny is not the be all, end all of Port Chuck, but the show makes him out to be. They also make any woman who falls for Sonny, instantly stupid. That’s the first thing I would change. I wouldn’t kill off the character—something I’ve secretly hoped for in the past—but I would make him less important. I would also make him learn to stand on his own two feet—sans a love interest—without having the need to throw perfectly good glassware across the room. I would keep the character alone and smarten up the women who’ve fallen for him, because, for the most part, once a GH gal has been with Sonny, they’re either spoiled for years, or dead.
Sonny’s girls would become more independent, having lives outside of their relationship with him. They would not fall in love with him in a matter of seconds, and would not forgive every single thing he does, over and over. They would, if you will, grow a pair.

The next thing I’d do is smarten up the law enforcement in Port Chuck. They’re like parents on Disney and Nick TV shows. SO STUPID. These poor people can’t solve a crime to save their lives, but good old Sam and Carly can without even the slightest effort. I’d give Anna Devane her brains back.

I believe those two factors would be a huge improvement to my favorite #soapopera, but there are a few things regarding the most recent storylines I’d have to fix.

I would not have killed off Connie Falconeri. I loved the depth of the character, so instead of having her kick the bucket, I would have given her her brain back and hooked her up with Sonny’s arch nemesis, Julian Jermone. Have you seen this guy? He’s so hot, plus he’s got chemistry with a stick. Seriously.


Julian Jerome and Connie Falconeri would cause TV’s to short circuit, and it would have been an added benefit to see Sonny all worked up with them as a couple. That’s what soap operas are about. They’re not about drug lords, frozen people coming back from the dead and kids dying. Or at least they shouldn’t be. They should be about good, old-fashioned cheaters and liars and sex.

I could totally write that stuff!

Another person who desperately needs a functional relationship is Sam. Okay, Jason is dead so #Jasam fans are left without their favorite pairing until Jason is recast, but I’ve never been a Silas fan and never saw the chemistry between the two actors of that couple. Once Robin left to thaw Jason’s frozen body, I would have hooked Patrick, her incredibly loyal and quite cute husband, up with Sam. They’ve got the workings of a great couple, and the fact that Patrick knows Sam’s Jason is alive makes them great soapy stuff. I would toss those two into bed faster than you can say hot. I have a feeling that’s coming, and real soon, but I would have done it sooner because I have no patience for the long, drawn out set ups.

So, there you have it. My thoughts on General Hospital, and how I’d change it if I could. If you happen to know the writers, let them know I’ve got some free time and do freelance work. I’ll shoot them a ten thousand page summary of my thoughts!

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