The Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mystery Series
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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Carolyn Ridder Aspenson’s Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mystery Series is a world of wonder and magic, but Cooper, her Burmese familiar cat, steals the show!


Welcome to Holiday Hills, where the festive season is wrapped in magic and mystery, and my first Christmas as a witch is as enchanting as it is haunting without my mother's presence. I'm Abby Odell, a cozy mystery ghost writer, and while I'm decking the halls with boughs of holly, I'm also burying my mother, and discovering my own bewitching talents. A triple play of spectacular sorts if you will.

As the snowflakes dance and the scent of peppermint and mocha fills the air, Holiday Hills transforms into a winter wonderland full of quirky and magical characters, characters I thought only existed in fiction. From mystical shapeshifters to the ever-curious folks next door, everyone brings their own brand of holiday spirit to the Enchanted, the local bookstore and coffee shop where I’ve made my home for my writing and my witchcraft.

This yuletide, the festive joy is tinged with a twist of fate, a murderous twist where not only have two family members I didn’t know existed are killed, but I’m targeted by the murderer as well.

With my mother's best friend stirring hot cocoa and spells alike, and the sexy police chief too swamped with holiday crimes to notice me, it's up to me to unravel the tinsel-tangled mysteries. How I wish my best friend, Stella could help, but she’s human, and as I’ve been told repeatedly, magicals aren’t allowed to share their secrets.

You read that right. I can’t share my biggest secret with my best friend. I hope I can keep that promise.
And let's not forget my sidekick, a sassy talking cat named Cooper, who’s traded his usual cynicism for a Santa hat and a sleigh-load of sass. He may prefer his Christmas tuna to crime-solving, but together we're an unstoppable force.

With the ghost of Christmas past guiding me through a special long-lost memory and the town's lights glowing warm against the chill, I’m ready to write my own story of magic, mayhem, and mistletoe kisses. After all, in Holiday Hills, miracles may just come with a witch's broom.

Okay, maybe not the kisses. I’ll save that for my next book.


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USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson writes contemporary cozy mysteries, paranormal cozy mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal women's fiction featuring strong and snarky female leads.
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