Read a Segment of Chasing Shadows, My Patreon Serial Hardboiled Mystery for Free!

I write a weekly serial available to my two top tiers on Patreon. Have you read it? Here's a free sample! To read the rest, subscribe to my Patreon at The bell above the diner door let out a cheerful jingle, like it was personally welcoming me into the chaos of another day. Six […]
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Jul 06

The Bears are Back in Town

We love our wildlife here on the mountain, though some I love more from a distance. Like the bears. They are cute, especially this guy, who's not too old to kill me with one strike, but maybe two. 😲 As much as I love to see them, I'd rather they not be on my porch! […]
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Jul 06

Death, Dogs, and Disappearing Friends

Good morning!  Yes, I know, I missed sending a newsletter last week. In my defense, my laptop broke, and when I got the new one, I spent HOURS transferring documents and organizing my files. Technology and I have relationship issues, and what should have happened with a few clicks didn’t. Mac’s are designed to connect […]
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Jun 28

The Midlife Psychic Medium Series Star, Fran Richter

Fran Richter: A Spirited but not Spiritual Biography Fran Richter, a ghost with a zest for life (and the afterlife seeing as she’s a ghost and all), was once the heart and soul of her close-knit family. A family full of half Germans who couldn’t cook her meatballs and gravy to save their lives. Madone, […]
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Jun 13


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