Who's That Witch?

The Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mystery Series

My name is Abby Odell, and I’m leading a double life.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is back with Who’s that Witch? Book three in the Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mysteries.

Welcome to Holiday Hills, where the only thing more magical than the town is its residents! Oh, and they’re quirky, but in a small town, that’s a given, right?

I'm Abby Odell, and I've got a witchy secret to spill: I'm leading a double life! I've got my cauldron and broomstick on standby, but my bestie is in the dark about my supernatural abilities. Oh, the pressure!

As if that wasn't enough, something spooky is happening in town. Magic's no longer playing hide and seek, and everyone's freaking out over the unexplainable events. It's like a spell's been cast, and our little haven of enchantment is on the brink of being exposed to the muggles!

But hold on to your potions, folks, 'cause it gets worse! Some folks in the hood are keen to turn our cozy community into the next Salem. Uh, hello? This isn't the 1600s! We've got electric brooms, people!

The town’s chief of police, my sexy and smart significant other, is working every angle known to magicals, but believe me, the struggle is real. Even my snarky Burmese cat familiar can’t figure out what’s going on.

So, I've got to dust off my sleuthing skills and figure out who's trying to out our supernatural secrets before things get out of hand. I've got a hunch on the "where," but I'm clueless on the "who, what, and when." No pressure or anything, but if I don't find out who's causing all the hocus-pocus, there might not be a Holiday Hills left to call home.

So grab your wands, fam, 'cause we've got a witch hunt on our hands!


USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson writes contemporary cozy mysteries, paranormal cozy mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal women's fiction featuring strong and snarky female leads.
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