Praying for Peace

The Midlife in Castleberry Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

Talking to ghosts can be killer.

Welcome to Castleberry, Georgia, the quirkiest little town in the South, where history and hauntings go hand in hand. As luck would have it, I happen to be the town's historical society manager with a rather unusual talent—I can see ghosts. Trust me, it's not always a walk in the park.

In my line of work, I find myself immersed in the nooks and crannies of charming old buildings that seem to have more residents in the afterlife than the present. Take the Baptist church nestled on the outskirts of town, for instance. I've been working tirelessly to certify it as a historical treasure trove. Little did I know that this project would unravel a spine-tingling mystery that had been buried within its walls for years.

Picture this: while exploring the church's creaky basement, adorned with spiderwebs and dust, I stumble upon something that sends shivers down my spine. 

A body. 

Yes, you heard that right. A bona fide corpse, hidden beneath layers of forgotten history. Now, it's up to me to unravel the secrets that lie within the smoky remnants of a long-ago fire.

But solving this puzzling murder isn't as straightforward as it seems. The stubborn spirits who still reside in the church are determined to assist me, albeit in their own mischievous way. They provide cryptic clues that only someone with my supernatural abilities can decipher. And even I’m having trouble with it It's like being caught between the living and the dead, trying to make sense of a tapestry woven with echoes of the past.

As if that isn't enough, there's someone, or something, lurking in the shadows who wants me to keep my nose out of the mystery. Whether they're dead or alive, they'll stop at nothing to ensure that the secrets of Castleberry stay buried forever. But I'm not one to back down easily, especially when it comes to unveiling the truth and seeking justice.

Amidst the chaos, I find solace in a cozy café where fragrant tea and rich coffee flow freely. Okay, it’s not always solace I find. Mostly, I find gossip, crazy ladies wearing Dolly Parton wigs, and Del, the café owner, who is one hot mess of crankiness and loyalty. 

So, welcome to my world, where midlife women can be fierce detectives, old ladies wear wigs, and the tea is sweet. Join me on this thrilling and enchanting journey as I unearth the truth, connect with the spirits of the past, and maybe, just maybe, discover love amidst the supernatural chaos of Castleberry.

If you like Southern paranormal cozy mysteries, you’ll love this stand-alone story!


USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson writes contemporary cozy mysteries, paranormal cozy mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal women's fiction featuring strong and snarky female leads.
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