Goody Witch Shoes

The Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mystery Series

A pair of boots, a wicked witch, and murder.

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR CAROLYN RIDDER ASPENSON blends humor and magic in Goody Witch Shoes. 

Hey, it's me, Abby Odell - a resident witch of the quaint, magical town of Holiday Hills. My town has it all - vampires, shifters, fairies, werewolves, and even some humans who, by the way, have no clue about the magic happening right under their noses.

But when Matilda Star, a wicked witch who's been blamed for multiple nasty spells turns up dead, I knew it wasn't going to be an ordinary day in our cozy little town.

Then when I found a note she’d sent to me pointing the finger at Miss Goody Witch Shoes as her killer, I had a double challenge on my hands.

First, figure out who Miss Goody Witch Shoes is, and second, prove she’s the killer.

But it didn't take long to realize Matilda wasn’t Miss Goody Witch Shoes only victim.

When another witch ends up dead under suspicious circumstances, the town panics.

With the help of Cooper, my trusty familiar and a talking Burmese cat, and my sexy chief of police boyfriend, I work piece by piece to put together the puzzle, questioning suspects, and fitting together clues.

But the killer is catching on, and as the clock ticks I must work to identify the killer and knock her right out of those Goody Witch Shoes before she gets to me first.

In a town where anything can happen and magic is all around, the stakes are higher than ever. But with my wits, my powers, my sexy boyfriend, and Cooper by my side, I’m determined to crack the case and protect my town from the not-so-goody Miss Goody Witch Shoes.

If you love magic and witches, you'll love the Witches of Holiday Hills Cozy Mystery Series.


USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson writes contemporary cozy mysteries, paranormal cozy mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal women's fiction featuring strong and snarky female leads.
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