The Midlife Psychic Medium Series Star, Fran Richter

Fran Richter: A Spirited but not Spiritual Biography

Fran Richter, a ghost with a zest for life (and the afterlife seeing as she’s a ghost and all), was once the heart and soul of her close-knit family. A family full of half Germans who couldn’t cook her meatballs and gravy to save their lives. Madone, she hated that. Italian by heritage and a culinary maestro by passion, Fran’s life in the physical world was a flavorful blend of hearty meals, loud laughter, and unwavering loyalty to her loved ones. Oh, and cigarettes, the things that finally did her in when she died of lung cancer in her daughter’s den. 

Born in the vibrant thrum of the Heights, a southern suburb of Chicago officially called Chicago Heights (makes sense she always said), and on ‘the hill’, a community in the Heights more Italian that anywhere Capone ever lived. 

Fran’s early years were steeped in the rich traditions of her heritage. Lots of people visiting on the regular, coming for pastries, coffee, a shot of Frangelica, and a smoke. As she grew Fran’s mother’s kitchen was a magical place where flavors danced, and memories were crafted. Yet, it was the family’s snarky humor and large-as-life personalities that truly made them the life of any party, especially Fran, even after she died. 

As a ghost, Fran hasn’t let a little thing like being dead dampen her spirits. She's still all about family, fiercely loyal to her daughter Angela, her granddaughter Emily, and her grandson Josh. Angela and Josh are the only two who can see her in her new ethereal form. Fran assists Angela in solving murders, combining maternal instincts with otherworldly insights. Her methods? A delightful mix of gimmicks, hauntings, and good-natured tricks. She’s not opposed to laying down the law when someone tries to hurt someone she loves though, so you’d better stay on her good side. An Italian woman ghost is nothing to laugh at. 

Fran’s ethereal existence is colored by her romance with Buddy, a fellow spirit who captivated her heart after her divorce from Angela’s father. Her mother warned her about marrying a German, but did she listen? Nope. Why? Because the man could dance. Things didn’t work out though, and eventually, Fran found Buddy. Sadly, that ended with his tragic death before they were married. 

Buddy was her match made on earth, and in heaven, and they’re living there, loving eternal life. Together, they glide through the spirit realm, their love a beacon in the afterlife. Her friendship with June Cash, a soul as vibrant as herself, keeps her afterlife interesting and full of laughter. She loves to listen to June’s husband Johnny play guitar and sing, but she prefers hanging out with Sinatra and the Brat Pack, knowing she relates more to them than Johnny Cash. 

Her appearance, though slightly transparent, is unmistakable: short gray hair, bright blue eyes, and that ever-present blue nightgown reminiscent of old-fashioned housecoats. And while she might be a ghost, she still carries a bit of her earthly weight, a reminder of her love for good food and life's indulgences.

Fran’s biggest regret? Nope. It’s not anything to do with her kids, or the fact that she declined the proposal from the man who promised her daughter a 1966 Mustang convertible if she convinced Fran to marry him. It’s coffee. Fran misses coffee. The aroma, the taste, the warmth - it's one earthly pleasure she longs for. And while she might tease Angela for her less-than-stellar cooking skills, it's all in good humor and love.

Above all, Fran values honesty and is known to playfully haunt anyone who dares to lie. Her big heart, once the centerpiece of her physical life, remains just as vibrant in death. She may be a spirit, but Fran Richter still is, undeniably, the life of the party.


USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson writes contemporary cozy mysteries, paranormal cozy mysteries, thrillers, and paranormal women's fiction featuring strong and snarky female leads.
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