Death, Dogs, and Disappearing Friends

Good morning! 

Yes, I know, I missed sending a newsletter last week. In my defense, my laptop broke, and when I got the new one, I spent HOURS transferring documents and organizing my files. Technology and I have relationship issues, and what should have happened with a few clicks didn’t. Mac’s are designed to connect and transfer files through magic but mine chose the opposite. 

I met someone new this week, but I’m worried he’s just using me. You know how it is. Some guy fella comes into your life, wants you to feed him, then just leaves? That’s what this guy has done. My husband reminded me of how loyal he’s been for 26, almost 27 years, and while I appreciate that, I told him I like my men hairy like this one. 

Sam’s feelings about him are mixed. Sometimes he sits on the bench and stares out the window, but I’m not sure it’s because he wants to see our new friend, or because he wants to chase him out if he does return. 

Allie and Meatball don’t seem to care either way. They’re never impressed by my new friends anymore. 

But seriously, look at this guy! How cute is he? 

Walking on a Witchy Line is with the editor now, and I’m hoping it’ll be back in time for a late July release. Have you preordered it yet? If not, here’s the link. Preordering it now means it’ll drop into your Kindle when it releases, and since I don’t have a solid date on that, this guarantees you’ll get it when it releases! 

For my Rachel fans, Dark Intent releases August 20th, and I’m super excited about this one! A very special friend of mine asked to be in the book. This person enjoys the Rachel books, and I love this person, so I happily obliged. I can’t give anything away, but I will say I had a blast writing about this person! You can preorder the book here

Preorder Here:

Now I must run! I’ve got words to make up since my former laptop bailed on me. Thanks for sticking around! Have a great weekend! 



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