Spooks for Sale

My name is Alyssa Grey, and I have no idea what I’m doing… in life, love, with my magic powers—you name it.

Working as a personal assistant to the busiest realtor in the small Southern town of Swan Hollow always kept me plenty busy, but then my boss’s partner died and I got a promotion... Just without the extra pay.

Now I’m showing old homes, and every single one of them is haunted. As a witch, I’m not supposed to be able to see ghosts. But I do. And they know I do. And I know they know I do. And, oh boy.

Worse yet, an apparition that looks an awful lot like my boss’s dead partner has come knocking, and demanding I solve her murder. I’ve been given an ultimatum: help or die.

It looks like I can’t really trust anyone any more. Will my cat, mouse familiar, and a new shapeshifter friend be enough to help me get the job done in what little time I have left?