Dogs, Dinners, and Death

Missy Kingston loves dogs. As the manager of Angels on Earth Animal Rescue Shelter, Missy works to train and rehome dogs, and if that business is threatened, she doesn’t hold back.

When a nearby dogfighting ring is busted and a wannabe local politician tries to get a pit bull ban approved, Missy comes out swinging.

She wants to help those poor abused dogs, and she’s not going to let some town newbie get in her way.

The tension heats up, and dogs in town start to go missing. When one of her rescue owners winds up dead, Missy knows a dogfighting ring’s come to her neck of the woods, and she sets out to stop it and find a killer.

Will she succeed, or wind up the next victim?

If you love dogs, and you love small town mysteries, you’ll love Missy Kingston and the Pooch Party Cozy Mystery Series!

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