Foreclosure Fatality

Small town realtors are supposed to sell homes... not solve crimes.

But for Bramblett County realtor Lily Sprayberry, the dead bodies just keep getting in her way.

Lily promised her husband, Bramblett County Sheriff Dylan Roberts, she’d keep her nose out of his investigations. After all, marriage is all about compromise, and he’s stayed clear of the real estate business.

But when Lily and her best friend and business partner Belle Pyott decide to help a man at risk of losing his home, they find a man murdered in the cellar. And Lily decides a teeny bit of sleuthing might help her husband solve the case.

It’s either that or refereeing the Hatfield and McCoy sized battle between her older friends, Bonnie and Henrietta.

She’ll take amateur sleuthing over that any day.

But Lily’s off her game, and if the killer figures that out, she’ll risk losing someone she loves.

If you like charming Southern cozy mysteries, you’ll love the Lily Sprayberry series.

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