Witch This Way

Welcome to Holiday Hills, where there is magic & mystery in the air...

I wear many hats:

I'm a friend.

A sort-of girlfriend.

A ghostwriter, and…

...oh yeah, a witch.

My editor always tells me to “write what you know.” Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening...literally.

When the main character in my latest novel—a witch herself—takes a new job with the Magical Bureau of Investigators, she stumbles upon a threat so big, it could destroy everything she holds dear.

Fiction, right?


For reasons beyond my witchy sixth sense, everything I write is now happening to me in real life!

Did I mention my character gets into REALLY bad situations? Now I’ve got to figure out who’s cast this awkward spell and find a way to reverse it.

And if I don’t do it soon, I might just wind up the "dead" in my deadline.

If you like paranormal cozies, you’ll love this series!