Get Up and Ghost

The dead in Castleberry, Georgia have a lot to say — and Chantilly Adair can hear them.

Divorced mom Chantilly Adair hightailed it out of Birmingham, Alabama leaving her ex-husband and over twenty years of memories behind to start fresh in her hometown.

Chantilly keeps busy taxiing her tween son around town and running the historical society, but life surprises her when she takes a tumble down the stairs at work.

Now Chantilly doesn't just work at the historical society, she sees the history of Castleberry play out right in front of her—dead people and all.

As the town prepares for the annual BBQ competition, the king of BBQ is found dead, and Chantilly doesn’t know what’s worse—being the prime suspect, or thinking a ghost is the murderer.

Can Chantilly find the real killer, or will she wind up a Castleberry legend like the ghosts she sees?

If you like Southern or paranormal cozy mysteries, you’ll love this first book in the Chantilly Adair Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series.