Uncharted Territory

It’s one thing to get attitude from her teenagers, but when Angela Panther’s newest ghost in distress is an in-her-face, snarky teenage boy, the psychic medium lays down the law.

When an unidentified fourteen-year-old boy takes a dive off an interstate overpass, to solve the case, Atlanta area detective Aaron Banner calls Angela to get the truth about his junior John Doe.

Was it suicide or murder?

The problem is, the spirit can't remember who he was, or the night he died, and prefers Angela focus on an unknown energy.

Bright lights and the big city mean exciting times for Angela and her BFF Mel, but soon the duo ventures into the dark underbelly of Atlanta and come face-to-face with a gang of saggy-pantsed hoodlums ready to take them out.

Will Angela and Mel discover the truth about the boy’s death and the unknown energy, and make it home alive, or wind up DOA on the slabs next to the junior John Doe?


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