Dark family secrets and blood-chilling suspense converge in this riveting thriller by USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson.

When a prominent surgeon and his wife are found dead in small-town Georgia, Detective Rachel Ryder and her partner Rob Bishop are first on the scene. But while the detectives have solved many tough cases in the past, they’ve never seen anything like this one.

Because the dead woman lying at the surgeon’s side isn’t actually his wife—it’s her twin sister.

And now both the wife and her son are nowhere to be found.

As Rachel and Rob dig deeper into the case, they’re confronted with a series of dead ends and complications that threaten to derail the entire investigation. With the same face, the same DNA, and the same ambitions in life, the two women are nearly impossible to distinguish—and every clue comes with a sinister mirror image.

With the clock ticking on the missing boy and his mother, Rachel and Rob will chase every lead until they crack the case—if they can untangle the web of dark family secrets, double lives, and deadly betrayals…

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