Unfinished Business

When the universe pitches you a softball, it'll make sure you catch it.

Stay at home wife and mother Angela Panther has a gift: she can talk to the dead. She just doesn’t know it. Yet. Long suppressed and forgotten, her gift resurfaces with the death of her mother. Angela considers it a curse, preferring to spend her life with the living, not dealing with the unfinished business of the dead. But the dead, they couldn’t care less.

They know she can resolve their unfinished business, and when they need help, it’s Angela they haunt. As Angela reluctantly obliges the dead, her mother stays earthbound, refusing to go until her own unfinished business is handled; business she won’t discuss with her daughter. Business that involves Angela. 

Can Angela discover the truth behind her mother’s decision to stay, and if she does, will her heart survive?

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