Unbreakable Bonds

Watch what you wish for because the universe has a sense of humor.

Reluctant psychic medium Angela Panther didn’t want her gift, so to teach her a lesson, the Universe cut her off. The dead still find ways to communicate; only Angela isn’t sure what the messages mean or whom they’re from. When her best friend suspects her husband of cheating, she comes to Angela for help.

The two concoct the perfect plan, but to make it work, they'll need help from Angela's mother. There’s only one problem. Her mother is dead. As the duo works to catch the cheater, Angela struggles to decipher messages she assumes are from her mother—messages that intensify in their urgency, and make Angela long for the gift she once hated. Only the messages aren’t from Fran.

When she figures out the ghost’s identity, Angela realizes if she tells the truth, she’ll out herself and hurt her own family. But if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her connection to her mother forever. Now Angela must choose between the happiness of the spirit’s family and her fears of damaging her own.


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