The Inn at Laurel Creek Zoe & Daniel’s Story

The Inn at Laurel Creek Zoe & Daniel’s Story

Do Miracles Really Happen at

The Inn at Laurel Creek?

With a broken heart and a bruised ego, romance writer Zoe Mayfield retreats to The Inn at Laurel Creek where she hopes to recharge her muse, and finally finish her two months too late romantic comedy novel for the biggest publisher in NYC.

Zoe’s heart just won’t let her write what it doesn’t feel, and when your best friend—make that ex-best friend, steals your boyfriend—make that ex-boyfriend, from you and kills every romantic bone in your body, it’s impossible to write a romantic comedy with a happily ever after ending.

Crumbled paper and blacked out lines won’t cut it in romance writing, and if Zoe’s heart dies, her book deal dies right along with it.

The night Daniel Hawthorne steps through The Inn’s French doors, sparks fly.

Will he be the miracle The Inn’s owners promised, the one that revives Zoe’s broken heart, or will her story be left crumbled and blacked out like her romantic comedy?


Coming Christmas, 2017

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