8 To Lose The Weight: Eight Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

This book is no longer available for sale. If you’re interested in the information provided in this book, please contact Carolyn personally at carolyn (at) carolynridderaspenson (dot) com

Updated with the latest information on health and wellness and the most advanced exercises to date.

“Full of useful tips and information.”


Diets. Don’t. Work.

How many fad diets have you suffered through only to find you’ve gained back the weight—and more—once you went back to your regular eating habits?
In this book you’ll learn about 8 lifestyle changes you can make to lose weight, and keep it off.
You’ll learn how to eliminate the garbage from your diet and eat healthier.
8 to Lose the Weight provides eight essential tools to kick start weight loss, putting your body into optimal fat-burning mode.
What are you waiting for?


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