Unexpected Outcomes Coming in October!

Unexpected Outcomes Coming in October!

Angela, Mel, and Fran are Back for Another Exciting Adventure!

                 When a frantic 911 call stumps a suburban Atlanta police department, psychic medium Angela Panther steps in to assist. With the help of her best friend and celestial super sleuth mother, Angela soon realizes things aren’t as they appear. Now Angela must choose between trusting her instincts or following the clues. If she chooses wrong, she won’t be crossing the dead over to the other side, she’ll be one of them

Unexpected Outcomes will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and paperback via all other online outlets. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited. 


One thought on “Unexpected Outcomes Coming in October!

  1. I just signed up to get your free book and look forward to reading it. The new one, Unexpected Outcomes sounds like it is also going to be excellent too. I cannot stand the run of the mill books out there so I look forward to yours. Thank you for the free opportunity to read your book I just downloaded.

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