My Fascination with Photography

My Fascination with Photography

I am by no means a photographer. Photography takes a special kind of eye, one that sees things others can’t but gives them a glimpse into something special. I don’t exactly have that, though I like to pretend I do.

This is a farm close to where I live. I went by it and pulled over to snap the photo, and the horse came out and stood there. When I finished, he walked back into the barn. Clearly, he likes having his photo taken.
My daughter standing in front of the entrance to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The place isn’t as big as it seems when you see it in person, but the size of the door is massive. It’s a beautiful building. And my daughter is pretty beautiful, too!


This is the top of Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN. The photo captures the skyline of the city, which I think is pretty cool. I love fall and I love cemeteries. So many stories in them.

One day I plan to get a ‘real’ camera, one that has all the bells and whistles, the big add on lens and a bunch of buttons and stuff I’ll have no idea how to use.

These things make me jump every time I see them. And they’re massive. But I’m utterly fascinated with them. Creepy little boogers.
I love Paris.
This is from Gibbs Gardens, a family owned nature preserve of sorts in the Atlanta area. It’s absolutely beautiful.

One day I’ll take classes to learn how to use that ‘real’ camera, too. And then, one day, I’ll feel more prepared when I wander around wherever I am, snapping photos of things that move me. For the time being, though, I’ll just have fun with my limited camera and even more limited talent.

Do you like to take pictures? What do you photograph? What’s your favorite place? I am not picky, though I do love nature!


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