Bidding War Break-In A Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery

Bidding War Break-In A Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery


When Bramblett County Realtor Lily Sprayberry puts her deceased client’s townhome, the last in a sought after mixed-use development community, on the market, she winds up in the throes of a bidding war.

Knowing a portion of the money will go to a scholarship in her client’s name, Lily schedules a realtor only open house to raise the bids even higher. But on the day of the event, she discovers the home’s been vandalized, and every potential offer is taken off the table.

Someone is out to stop the sale, and ruin Lily in the process.

With her reputation hanging by a thread and the community up in arms, Lily sets out to fix things, and lands right in the middle of a hot mess of vandalism, lies, theft, and cheating. Lily soon discovers that some people don’t want their secrets known, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep them under wraps.

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Lily Sprayberry Talks Decluttering for the Holidays!

Lily Sprayberry Talks Decluttering for the Holidays!

Three Things to Declutter for the Holidays

1. Decorations
Every year I buy new stuff after the holiday when it all goes on sale. And what do I do with it? Shove it in a box to deal with it the next year! Then, the upcoming holiday season comes around, and I have all this stuff to go through. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

So, the best thing to do is really a two-step process:
Declutter as you’re decorating for the season, and declutter as you’re putting away your holiday décor.

How do I handle it while I’m preparing for the holiday season? Here are my suggestions, based on what I do.

Toss out broken or worn decor and donate items you haven’t used in the last two holiday seasons.

If you have something of sentimental value but haven’t used in a while, pass it along to another family member. Traditions are an enjoyable part of the holidays, and décor helps to keep them unique.

2. Clothes
I’m not one to separate my clothing by seasons. Of course, I live in the South, and we don’t really have all that many seasons. Honestly, we have two–hot as blazes and not as hot as blazes. But there are a lot of people that still have the benefit of seasons, so, if you’re one of them, I have some ideas for you!

Winter is a great time to take stock of your clothing and do a quick run through of your wardrobe. It’s important to consider your staples—things you often wear for work, play, the gym, etc., that kind of thing. Are those items worn, too big, too small? Do they need to be replaced? If so, set those aside and take photos and repurchase them.

With all other items, I use the season rule, if I didn’t wear it that past season, (hot as blazes and not hot as blazes for me) then it goes to Goodwill.

3. Kitchen Items
Every holiday season Belle and I have a big client party at the office. Millie handles a lot of the cooking for it, but we do a good portion of it ourselves, too. Because of that, I spend a good portion of my time in my kitchen. I have a feeling Bo will be super excited this year. I’m a hot mess in the kitchen, that’s for sure, and he’s a big lug of a vacuum. The problem with that is, he’s a drooler, which can be a bit gross. Actually, it’s a lot of gross!

Every time we throw this big party, I clean out my kitchen. I have a little addiction with William & Sonoma, but only the store at the outlet mall nearby. Have you ever been to their outlet stores? It’s like heaven inside that place, and I’m not the most excellent cook alive, I just love all things kitchen. The dishes, the glasses, the pretty kitchen things. I think I’d get married just to register there. Did I really just say that? Shh. Don’t tell anyone. I am NOT ready to get married!

Anyway, the holiday season is the perfect time to go through the kitchen because practically everyone cooks more or bakes over the holidays, right?

I bought a juicer a few years ago. Used it once. Once. That thing is outta here!

Here’s what I do every holiday season as I prepare for the party.
I hit every cabinet. If something is chipped, it goes. If you’re a Type A person and have matching sets and only use those, and have things that aren’t part of a matching set, let them go. If you’ve got serving dishes, you haven’t used in the last two parties or big dinners, dump them. Someone will gladly take them off your hands. Goodwill, a thrift shop, a charity, they’ll be happy to take them. Still have your great grandmother’s serving dish with the yellow flowers and haven’t used it? Will she care? Does it hold sentimental value? If not, let it go.

The same holds true with any electric appliance like my juicer. If it isn’t something you’ve used, it’s unlikely you’ll have a recipe that calls for it because it’s just not the way you cook, but it might be the way someone else does. Donate it.

Also, clean out the Tupperware. You’ll never regret that.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better starting the holidays off with a decluttered space!